Department of Anthropology:


Anthropology is a subject with immense scope in various fields including government and non-government sectors. The Department of Anthropology of this college commenced in 2001 with an undergraduate (B.A./B.Sc.) General course and subsequently the three years undergraduate (B.Sc.) Honours course started in 2004. The teachers use audio-visual means for teaching and organise exposure visits for the students. The department also organises special lecture programmes during each academic session. The students are also guided for their future endeavours by the teachers. The subject Anthropology offers Anthropological field work which enriches the students with hands-on-learning activities; it also shares and disseminates information and knowledge about the complexities of human condition both past and present.



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Dr. Suman Chakrabarty  CV

M.Sc. (Gold Med.), Ph.D.

Assistant  Professor

 and Head

Biological Anthropology


Dr. Suchismita Sen Chowdhury CV

M.Sc., Ph.D.

Assistant  Professor

Social-Cultural Anthropology


Dr. Pushpa Lata Tigga CV

M.Sc., Ph.D.

Assistant  Professor

Physical Anthropology and Human Genetics


Smt. Tanusree Polley



Social-Cultural Anthropology


Smt. Saswati Roy CV



Palaeoanthropology and Prehistoric Archaeology

Technical Staff:


Sri Abhijit Dutta, Laboratory Assistant


Departmental Highlights:


 Organized UGC sponsored National Conference on "Biodiversity: Interrelationship between Flora, Fauna and Human" in 2013 jointly with the departments of Zoology, Botany and Anthropology, West Bengal State University.


Dr. Suman Chakrabarty completed Minor Research Project granted by UGC amounting of Rs. 1.5 lakhs.


A strong focus on quality teaching with the help of modern teaching aids.


Department has an excellent reputation in annual assessment.


The department is enriched with well-equipped and renovated laboratories and departmental library.


Department is sensitive to the socio-economic challenges of its students.


Dedicated and experienced faculty and laboratory staff.


Undergraduate students are committed to their studies and passionate about their future professions.


Excellent higher studies record of undergraduates students.


Active and very supportive ex-students.


Students and teachers are involved in different activities through NSS, NCC and Red Cross units of the college.

Akash Mallick of the department secured 1st class 1st position in the final examination under West Bengal State University (WBSU) in the session 2013-14.