All infrastructural development programmes are enrouted through the IQAC of the college. The recommendations of the cell are discussed and approved in the meetings of the Governing body. The institution also has a Building Committee, for planning, implementation, inspection and supervision of all kinds of civil construction and developmental works in the first and second campus of our college. Advice of the concerned departmental head is considered for department specific developmental work. Allocation of fund is approved by the Finance Subcommittee of the college. Tenders are invited for selection of the contractor and the lowest quotation and credibility criteria are taken into account. The IQAC and the Building Committee constantly monitor and supervise day to day activity of the work.
The college has 48 classrooms with 18 well-equipped laboratories including laboratories to facilitate teaching-learning process. The rooms are of varied sizes and departments have been allotted specific rooms in accordance with their roll strength. The Central library of the college encompasses an area of 6000 sq.ft.well stocked with books, journals, and computers. Another library has been set up in the new building for exclusive use of the students enrolled to the Bengali PG department to facilitate easy access of books and reading materials for higher studies. A large spacious room has been allotted on the ground floor for conducting the UGC Sponsored Merged Scheme classes.
A large auditorium with 300 seating capacity has been recently built primarily to cater to the needs of open spaces for National/International seminars, conferences, workshops and various cultural activities organized on a regular basis. Adjacent to the auditorium, we have two fully equipped e-classrooms that make our teaching-learning process ICT enabled.
Computer Training Room: Infrastructural facilities in terms of a large room for conducting theoretical and practical classes have been provided to Webel Informatics Limited who offers low cost compulsory computer training to the students of our college.
In the present digital era, it is impossible to run daily activities without computers and communication networks like the world wide web. Every department, teacher's room, student's union room, office, cash section and library etc. have been provided with desktops and/or laptops, printers, internet connection and projectors. A newly formed Computer Lab has been established in the new building which houses ten machines with internet facility, that is available for use by students, faculty and staff for myriad purposes. The institute is planning on connecting office computer via LAN so that data, files and printers may be shared. WIFI connectivity is available throughout the campus for connecting to the internet.
Also our new Fatullapur campus though at its incipient stage, is soon to become an integral part of the expanding circumference of Mrinalini Datta Mahavidyapith's zone of academic influence.