Department of Philosophy:


The department of Philosophy is one of the few departments with which our institution MDM started its journey in 1964. At the time of its inception, the department offered only the pass course and later introduced honours course in 1995. The department regularly organizes seminars, workshops and special lectures by eminent academicians. Wall Magazine Darsan Darpan and departmental journal Darsan Manjari are also published on issues bearing philosophical significance. The department maintains a regular contact with the guardians to convey their wards' progress. Apart from academic activities, the department offers psychological counselling session for improving the mental wellbeing of the students. Reading and nurturing Philosophy develops the intellectual capabilities of a student and make him/her more critical and analytic. It develops one�s consciousness and makes him/her question, wonder, analyse and think.


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Faculty Profile:


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Dr. Shampa Bhattacharyya (Bagchi)

M.A. (Gold Med.),

Ph.D., M. Phil.

Associate Professor


of Mind


Dr. Shampa Das (Mondal)

M.A. (Gold Med.),  

Ph.D., M. Phil.

Associate Professor


of Language


Dr. Piyali Ghosh Dastidar

M.A., Ph.D., M. Phil.

Associate Professor

and HOD

Nyaya Philosophy


Departmental Highlights:


Dedicated and efficient faculty members.


Two faculty members Dr. Shampa Das (Mondol) and Dr. Piyali Ghosh Dastidar are psychotherapists and counsellors.


Special lecture programmes with eminent academicians are organized/regularly.


Regular career counselling guidance is provided to students.


Dr. Piyali Ghosh Dastider is voluntarily involved in student counselling in collaboration with Centre for Counselling Services and Studies in Self-Development, Jadavpur University.


Amply stocked library with over 2500 books.


Puja Rudra a student of the department was awarded in panel discussion on Swami Vivekanada in 2014 and "UDAYAN SHALINI FELLOWSHIP OF GIRLS FOR COLLEGE LEVEL during 2011-2012."