UGC Sponsored Merged Schemes


The UGC sponsored Merged Scheme has been introduced in 2011 and the four programmes namely (1) Remedial Coaching, (2) Entry in Services, (3) Career Counselling and Soft Skill Development and (4) Equal Opportunity Cell provide special academic support to the students. Through workshops, career awareness programmes, short certified courses on Communicative English and campus interviews the students are trained for stepping into a competitive job market.

Remedial Coaching Cell

Economically backward students belonging to SC/ST category are given coaching free of cost.

Classes are held after college hours and during holidays.

This opportunity is also extended to the academically and economically backward students of different departments.

This cell is looked after and monitored by Prof. Tushar Kanti Roy.

 Both in-house and external teachers are allotted the responsibility of taking classes in this scheme and they are remunerated from the UGC recurring fund.



Entry in Service Cell

Economically backward students belonging to SC/ST category, ex- students and needy students of the locality are given coaching free of cost for appearing in different competitive examinations like School Service Commission, West Bengal Civil Service Commission, Railway Staff Selection Examination, Staff-Selection Commission Examination etc.

Students are coached in batches and they are selected on the basis of merit, eagerness and financial insolvency. Prior notices are issued from time to time before a new batch starts.

Prof. Mahuya Maji is officer-in-charge of this cell.


Career Counselling Cell

Students of this college are provided with counselling about their future prospects and the market viability regarding the course of study.

They are also guided on how to adjust themselves to adverse situations. Seminars, workshops and special training programmes are organized to train them to face adversities.

Prof. Satabdi Biswas supervises the activities of this cell.


Equal-Opportunity Cell

This cell manages and controls the activities of the above three cells.

It ensures that the cells area all abiding by the laid down policies and guidelines of the UGC Merged Scheme.

The cell also ensures equal rights and opportunities to all category of students voluntarily enrolled to receive the benefits of the schemes.

Prof. Sumit Mukherjee is the officer-in-charge of the Equal-Opportunity Cell.