Mrinalini Datta Mahavidyapith
Vidyapith Road, Birati Kolkata – 700 051



·     Students are required to follow strictly the rules and regulations of the college.

·        Students must pay due regards to all employees of the college.

·        Loitering in corridors is strictly prohibited.

·        Students should extend their co-operation to keep the college clean.

·        Students must maintain silence in the classrooms, corridors and examination halls.

·        Total silence should be observed in the library.

·        Writing, painting and sticking posters on the college walls are strictly prohibited. Only poster boards are to be used for that purpose.

·        Boys are not permitted to enter into the girls’ common room.

·        In case of class attendance, University rules shall be strictly followed.

·        Absence during the classes, tests and discussions without prior information would be treated as misconduct.

·        The students are to approach Grievance Redressal Cell of the College office in case of any difficulty faced by them.

·        Breach of College discipline in the classrooms / corridors / examination hall by any student will invite strong disciplinary action.

·        Talking or whispering in the class room is strictly forbidden when the lecture is being delivered.

·        Late coming to the class is forbidden beyond the usual 2 to 3 minutes’ gap between two periods.

·        During the leisure period, Students must not loiter on the corridor but shall go to their common room or library and utilise their leisure profitably.

·        Use of mobile phone inside classrooms is not allowed.

·        Parking cycle in the courtyard is strictly prohibited.