• Governing Body (GB):


    The Governing Body (GB) is the highest administrative body of a college. It plays the most important role in the overall development of a college. A GB is constituted with the representations from all stakeholders of the college along with other representations from the society.


    Smt. Chandrima Bhattacharya - President

    Dr. Apurba Bandyopadhyay - Principal and Secretary

    Dr. Sanjib Chattopadhyay - Government Nominee

    Dr. Sunil Biswas - Government Nominee

    Dr. Anwesha Mallick - Government Nominee

    Dr. Saikat Mondal - University Nominee

    Dr. Madhabi Ganguly - University Nominee

    Dr. Arindam Mallick - University Nominee

    Dr. Nilay Kumar Saha - Teachers' Representative

    Prof. Satabdi Biswas - Teachers' Representative

    Prof. Nandini Chakraborty-  Teachers' Representative

    Vacant - Teachers' Representative

    Sri Biplob Bose - Non-Teaching Employees' Representative

    Sri Tarun Dey - Non-Teaching Employees' Representative

    Vacant - Students' Representative