Department of Chemistry

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Department of Chemistry

General stream introduced in1996
Honours stream introduced in2015

Srl NameQualification DesignationSpecialization Experience (Years)
1Dr. Debashis MallickM.Sc, Ph.D, NETAssistant Professor Inorganic Chemistry8
2Sri Samrat DevM.ScPTT Organic Chemistry5
3 Dr. Shrijeeta TalukdarM.Sc., Ph.D.Guest Teacher - -
` Dr. Chiranjit PatraM.Sc., Ph.D. - - -

Technical Staff
Sri Surajit DasguptaLab Assistant
Sri Rajiv SarkarLab Assistant

Departmental Highlights
Dr. Debashis Mallick has been granted UGC - Minor Research Project (budget :4.6 lakhs) titled "Studies on the effect of external matrices (micelle, p-delocalised aromatic hydrocarbons, organic acids, alcohols, and viscosity, polarisability of medium) on the photochromism of thioalkyl-arylazo-imidazoles."
A strong focus on quality teaching with the help of modern teaching aids.
Remedial classes for slow learners.
Highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated faculty.
Well equipped laboratories.
Very active and very supportive ex-students.
Student interest in department programs is very strong.
Dedicated and experienced laboratory staff.
Faculty are highly involved in their professional organizations.
The department is strongly student centered and focused.
Faculty are supportive of each other and collegial.

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